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.: New Cat® EP40-55(C)N(H)

New Cat® EP40-55A(C)N(H)

It is a great pleasure to introduce our newest addition to the product line-up, the new Cat® EP40- 55A(C)N(H) range.

Customers that are already familiar with the rest of the family, the 48V Cat EP16- 20A(C)N and 80V Cat EP25- 35(C)N, will immediately recognize the strong similarities and will welcome the potential of this new product in their operation.
We encourage you to demonstrate this new range’s abilities to the steadfast internal combustion truck customers, who may get interested in the product for more reasons than its low noise levels, low energy consumption, great safety features and zero emissions.

This Zero Emission, Heavy Industry, truck is best in its class when it comes to efficiency. Having an energy consumption of only 10 kWh/h on the 4-4.5.0 tonnes models and a mere 8 kWh/h on the larger 5.0-5.5 tonnes models (5.0 tonnes trucks and above used 45 cycle tests, while 5.0 tonnes and below used 60 cycle tests) we are sure competing models will have to charge earlier and more often.

It’s not only efficient in energy consumption but it will also get work done in a shorter time. The design department has excelled in designing an agile truck for its size while adding a boost to the torque and acceleration standard Electric Counterbalance trucks already have. Don’t worry, this extra boost has been designed with the utmost care and safety, being time, repetition and temperature controlled.

With our years of experience and feedback from you, we have been able to put a very ergonomic and easy to use truck in place as well. Offering:

  • Optimized visibility;
  • Optimal comfort with the standard MSG65 seat with seat belt switch;
  • Various type of controls such as Manual Control, Fingertip control, Dual Joystick and Palm steering;
  • Various options for the operator cabin such as air conditioning and heating;
  • Perfect-fit cabin solutions;
  • Factory battery options will include standard lead acid battery, tensor high performance lead acid battery as well as Li-ion battery options.
  • Battery capacities and chargers can be matched based on the customer needs and application.
  • A silent environment – 65 dB silent. For a comparison; most modern dish washers have a noise level of 65 dB. And here yet again, it’s the most silent truck in its class.
  • Updated side-way battery exchange system for easy handling (compatible with the rest of the family)
  • Dual pedal, operator presence pedal and an electronic differential lock;
  • Lift control, curve control, traction speed… to name a few.

Need we say more?

Battery Solutions
Tensor and Li-ion are offered to provide the best truck performance on heavy duty applications and when maximum power is needed on climbing ramps or at the end of battery discharge cycle. While Tensor operation and maintenance has similar requirements like standard lead acid battery, Li-ion option will provide additional benefits from opportunity charging and maintenance-free design. Li-ion battery is integrated to the truck display on control system & offers easy-access charging hatch for the operator.


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