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CAT Reach Truck NR14-25N

Cat Lift Trucks’ Reach Trucks are specifically engineered to cater for a wide range of storage and retrieval scenarios.
The 10 ‘N’ generation models in standard or high performance configurations offer a comprehensive range of capabilities to manage a wide variety of applications, loads and pallet types. AC technology provides a superb power/energy efficiency ratio for effortless operation and a long working life. The highly ergonomic range of Reach Trucks is of revolutionary concept, imaginative execution with performance you would expect from Cat Lift Trucks. In the heart of the range, a sophisticated electronic control system ensures you meet deadlines in the most efficient manner. Improved chassis rigidity, a host of driver safety features and programmable mast damping make the new NR-N reach trucks safe and productive without reducing performance. Easy servicing and maintenance is vital for maximising up time and reducing total cost of ownership. Longer service intervals and easy access components minimise downtime, maximise productivity and contribute to a lower total cost of ownership.




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  • Easy access to all components, pumps and the controller, combined with all the inherent benefits of AC power and a doubling of the maintenance interval to 600 hours, keeps the trucks working far longer than ever before between planned service visits.
  • Class leading capacity retention at maximum working heights combined with excellent visibility through the PoweRamic mast, fork carriage and overhead guard make these trucks top performers in any warehouse application.
  • Improved chassis rigidity, a host of driver safety features and programmable mast damping make the NR-N reach trucks safe and productive without reducing performance.
  • Standard battery rollers and the optional battery changing device make changing the battery a fast and safe procedure, without having to move the truck.
  • By constantly monitoring drive speed, acceleration and traction the truck detects and takes action to prevent slipping of the drive wheel. This results in slip-free operation even on a wet surface.


  • Working lights.
  • Special Chassis colour.
  • Radio/CD player and loudspeakers.
  • Options bar.
  • Rear view mirror.
  • List bracket.
  • PC support.
  • Overhead guard with mesh or plexi-glass.
  • Key switch.
  • Cooling fan.
  • Lowering stop.
  • Extra hydraulic valve and hosing to the fork carriage.
  • Fork positioner.
  • Camera on forks with monitor.
  • Telescopic forks.
  • Side shift and tilt function centering.
  • Load weight scale.
  • Power hook-up 12V 4.4 Amp.
  • Battery connector and cables.
  • Alarm for driving, lifting and lowering.
  • Quick battery locking system.
  • Battery changing device.
  • Cold store modification.
  • Cold store cabin.
  • High temperatures modification.


NR14N 1400 600 Elektrik
NR14NH 1400 600 Elektrik
NR16N 1600 600 Elektrik
NR16NH 1600 600 Elektrik
NR16NS 1600 600 Elektrik
NR16NHS 1600 600 Elektrik
NR16NC 1600 600 Elektrik
NR16NHC 1600 600 Elektrik
NR16NC 2000 600 Elektrik
NR25NH 2500 600 Elektrik
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