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CAT Elektrikli Forklift EP40-50

These trucks are designed to handle heavy loads in some extremely tough environments. They can be used with a variety of heavy attachments such as multi pallet handlers, bale clamps, paper roll clamps, carpet booms and fork spreaders etc.

This makes them very adaptable, clean and powerful alternatives to diesel or LPG trucks and suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications.

Typical applications:

  • Food and Beverage manufacturing and wholesale
  • Paper & Pulp Industry
  • Saw mills
  • Furniture
  • Steel works / Foundries
  • Ports
  • Carpet manufacturing and wholesale
  • Chemical, textile & rubber
  • Machinery & Heavy Equipment
  • Automotive assembly
  • Building and Construction



Düşük Maliyet Üretkenlik Güvenlik Seçenekler Özellikler İndir
  • Long maintenance intervals reduces the total cost of ownership.
  • Maintenance free wet disc brakes and AC motors help to minimise service cost.
  • Intelligent monitoring allows the operator to supervise all major truck functions during normal operation, helping to ensure that the truck is serviced as and when required.
  • The powerful AC based traction motor is sealed against dust and water splashes and features optimum torque for excellent acceleration, traction, speed and braking.
  • Strong regenerative braking speeds up working cycles, extends battery life and reduces brake wear.
  • Ideal for gradients and applications where the power of an IC engine truck is needed.
  • Automatic speed reduction increases stability of the truck when cornering with a load.
  • Automatically applied park brake and anti roll back function ensure that the truck is always parked safely, even on a ramp.
  • Automotive pedal lay-out.
  • Low step in chassis for easy on/off access.
  • Factory fitted panel cabin.
  • Integral side shifter.
  • Additional working lights.
EP40 4000 500 Elektrik
EP45 4500 500 Elektrik
EP50 5000 500 Elektrik
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