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CAT Elektrikli Forklift EP10-15 KRT PAC

These compact trucks are ideally suited to lighter duty warehouse tasks with intermittent shift patterns. They’re easy to operate by the inexperienced or occasional operator and are very economical to use. Typical energy consumption is a low
4.75 kWh/h for its designated applications.

Typical applications

  • Grocery stores
  • Do-it-Yourself stores
  • Garden Centers
  • Food and Beverage distribution
  • Container Stuffing
  • Narrow aisle

As with our bigger models, this range also features five pre-set operating modes,individually programmable performance, built-in system protection and fault memory. This helps keep your operator productive and also minimises truck maintenance downtime.

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  • Advanced AC technology provides high torque, faster acceleration, better ramp performance and smooth, quiet, controlled operation.
  • MicroCommand AC controller provides optimum performance and energy efficiency.
  • The steering on demand function will save energy by only activating the hydraulic motor when necessary.
  • 500 hours service intervals for maximum ‘up time’.
  • Easy access to all components.
  • Programmable diagnostics and performance via the display and PC or laptop.
  • Strong regenerative braking speeds up working cycles, extends battery life and reduces brake wear.
  • Ergonomically designed operator’s compartment features a full suspension seat, adjustable steer column and comfortably placed hydraulic control levers.
  • Functional display keeps driver informed of truck hours and state of battery. Also the service engineer can read the truck history from this display.
  • Low footstep and well-placed grab handle makes on/off access easy.
  • Automotive pedal layout for easy operation.
  • Full hydrostatic steering system for effortless manoeuvrability.
  • High visibility mast and overhead guard.
  • Presence Detection System (PDS) prevents operation while driver not seated.
  • Backup alarm supplied as standard.
  • Amber strobe light.
  • Road lights.
  • Low overhead guard.
  • Wide-tread Tyres.
EP10KRT PAC 1000 500 Elektrik
EP12KRT PAC 1250 500 Elektrik
EP15KRT PAC 1500 500 Elektrik
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